The Oil Art Gallery

I want to showcase some of my brother's artistic ability.  The artist name is Clennie Manning.  He does tattoos, Oil paintings on canvas, watercolors and


Oil Paintings, Water Colors, and pencil sketches

Welcome to

This is a beginning website that hopefully shall transform into something larger.  I first want to introduce you to the basics.  And maybe transform it into something larger and grander.  

The site was initially a quick website thrown together as a simple geocities site dedicated to my brother whom had been incarcerated in the Ohio Dept of Corrections.  On his insistence.  I created the website to hopefully give him a voice and presence on the web to maybe see if people would like to write him.

I quickly wanted to improve the website.  I converted it from a single user site just for my brother into a multiple person site to help solicit letters for the convicted inmates across the country.  I was starting to show traction with the site and build a small base.  But unfortunately.  Personal life postpone its development. 

I am starting over from the basics.  I am showcasing my brother and his artwork for now.  But eventually.  I would like to build a larger audience.  Including participation from the viewers with a forum.  I have many ideas on how to expand and improvement.  I am also interested in finding persons whom have similar situation as I and would be want to assist in its development.  As possibly as a partnership with details that can be negotiated.

Featured Projects

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Multimedia Project

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Web Design Project

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